Case Study:

David Rodigan.


David Rodigan MBE is a living legend and we were blessed to have him play on our sound system in 2013 at The Caves in Edinburgh. The event was curated by local promotion company FLY Club and David Rodigan’s son Cadenza, who at the time, was studying at Edinburgh University.

What we did.

For this event we were hired to upgrade the venue’s small PA with a sizeable chunk of our own system, we also provided the promoter with the latest rider friendly DJ equipment and pushed the event online through our own social media channels. In the venue we split the sound system in to two stereo stacks so that we could have the maximum amount of stage visible for Rodigan’s performance without loosing any punch or clarity from the system.


The show was a complete sell out and one of the craziest gigs we have ever to date, David Rodigan is one of the best stage show performers we have ever witnessed and having him compliment the sound at the end of the event was brilliant, the man truly knows about sound system culture and is a true pioneer in both the original Jamaican sound system scene and the current electronic music boom.