Case Study:

Dimensions and Outlook Festival 2015.


Dimensions and Outlook Festival are both held in the now abandoned Fort Punta Cristo in Pula, Croatia. Dimensions caters to the deeper side of Electronica and Outlook is Europe’s biggest celebration of Sound System Culture and the genres that are associated with it.

Both festivals are held during two consecutive weeks at the end of Summer, where you can find a whole heap of artists from some of the most vibrant and underground dance music scenes in the world.

The site is truly unique in its setting, with sound systems and stages being erected in various parts of the fort and surrounding beaches. These include a dungeon, a circular open top ballroom and even the moat in the abandoned Fort. Both festivals also play host to over a hundred boat parties.

What we did.

We were contracted by NVS Music Group & AAP to provide sound systems and lighting for each of the four boats which host the annual boat parties at both festivals.

For this hire we had to work closely with the staff at AAP who run the boat parties and the Croatian crews on each of the boats to ensure a smooth transition between each boat party and the various artists and promoters that were involved in each party.

Our team securely fitted a system on each deck of the four boats and continually monitored and tweaked said systems throughout each working day then de-rigged cables and DJ equipment at the end of each night. We also provided monitoring systems and mixing desks for the sub-contracted sound engineers and worked alongside them daily to ensure the best sound quality on each boat.


We successfully did over 100 boat parties over two weeks, in some of the most demanding working environments we have ever worked in, without any issues at all.

During each festival we received loads of compliments on the clarity and punch of each system from festival staff, DJ’s and festival goers alike.

We are already looking forward to next year’s festivals and how we can utilise our growing knowledge and skills in the extremely remarkable setting of a boat’s deck on the Adriatic sea.