Case Study:



For this event we teamed up with UK club night promoters XY to bring Scotland the same magnitude of club night that can be found down south, Bass Face’s main mission statement was to bring about a higher level of bass music event in terms of production and line up. It featured our full sound system in the main room, half of Mungo’s Hi Fi’s in the second room and a whole heap of extra lighting, decor (live arts) and projection mapped visuals.

What we did.

For this event we set up our full system (at the time 26KW) in the main room in two stereo stacks on either side of the stage, sourced some of the finest local visual artists to map out the main room for projection mapping and externally hired Jerome from Mungo’s/Bass Alliance to provide the system for the second room. We also took care of the contracts and logistics (airport transport between hotels and venue) for over ten internationally known artists.


Bassface was a complete success and it was good for us as a team to work at the top flight level in terms of production and artist procurement. The event was almost full capacity and the punch and clarity from both systems was perfectly suited to the heavy bass music being played by the artists. The visual elements we procured for the event worked perfectly and added a lot to the overall look of the event.